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Rates and registration

All registration will be considered as final only after receipt of the completed form (link above) and Paypal payment (see below). Inscriptions for the replay can untill 6 months after the live event. If you do not have Paypal, you can fill out the form and make bank transfer:

European Veterinary Society For Osteopathy route de Neuchâtel 12 2520 La Neuveville

IBAN CH11 0079 0016 9187 0987 4


EVSO Non Member Friday

80 €

EVSO Member Friday

60 €

EVSO Member Saturday

60 €

EVSO Member Friday and Saturday

100 €

EVSO Non Member Saturday

80 €

EVSO Non Member Friday and Saturday

150 €

NB: You can take advantage of the opportunity to join us as an EVSO B member (annual subscription of 60 euros), and thus benefit from the rate reserved for members!