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The European Veterinary Society for Osteopathy (EVSO) is a non profit organization that is intended for veterinarians who have integrated Osteopathy into their daily practice. It is a Europe-wide society which has set itself the goal of

ensuring osteopathic quality standards for the theoretical and practical teaching of osteopathy.

EVSO wishes to promote a perception and appreciation of Osteopathy as an integral part of veterinary medicine.

There are 4 categories of EVSO-members: 

  • EVSO-A = EVSO - HonorAry members

  • EVSO-B = EVSO - Basic members

  • EVSO-C = EVSO - Certified members

  • EVSO-D = EVSO - Diploma members

EVSO-A, EVSO-B, EVSO-C, EVSO-D are Vets with a license to practice in their country (with the exception of Vet Students in EVSO-B) and who respect their national legislation.


EVSO-C and EVSO-D represent distinct levels of qualification


The procedure for applying for membership is described separately under EVSO -A, EVSO-B, EVSO-C and EVSO-D

We shall process your admission and update you with our final decision within 60 days of receiving payment and all documentation.