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EVSO C : Membro Controllato

EVSO has decided that there should be a transitional period for the admission criteria for EVSO-C members. The object is to take into account the different types of training of practising veterinarian osteopaths so as to allow them to join EVSO. This transitional period will also allow time for the introduction of new standards of training in osteopathic veterinary medecine.

It should be noted that this chapter describes the modalities for becoming an EVSO-C member during the transitional period which ends 31 December 2018. Please consult the statutes, for more information on this subject.

Description of EVSO-C

EVSO-C members have :

  • the statute of certified members

  • the same rights as EVSO-B members

  • the right to vote at the General Assembly

  • their name published on the EVSO list on the website

  • the right to use the EVSO name and logo

  • they pay an annual membership fee of \120.-. There is a \300.- charge for the certificate.

Initially, we would like to encourage all veterinarians to join EVSO as EVSO-B members. At a later stage, candidates can send in additional documents in order to obtain the EVSO-C certificate.

It is also possible to apply directly for EVSO-C membership. In this case, applications should be made in two stages.

First stage = Documents required

Initially you will need to assemble the following documents (models below):

  1. Application form, signed and dated

  2. Copy of veterinary doctor's diploma

  3. Curriculum vitae

  4. Documents concerning your training in osteopathy

    • Veterinarians practising veterinary osteopathy for less than 2 years : are required to provide proof of 500 hours of taught study, together with details of their training and its content.

    • Veterinarians practising veterinary osteopathy for between 2 and 5 years : are required to provide proof of 300 hours of taught study, together with details of their training and its content.

    • Veterinarians practising veterinary osteopathy for more than 5 years : should provide details of their training and its content.

  5. Commitment to treat a minimum of 20 cases per month, signed and dated.

  6. Written presentation of a clinical case. A protocol will give you guidance for the presentation of your clinical case (see below).


All documents can be submitted directly at the following email address : contact@evso.eu


Second stage = Validation of the application  and MCQ Exam


      Once the documents have been received and checked to ensure they correspond to points 1/2/3/4/5 and 6, you will receive a login and password to enable you to have access to the members' section of the EVSO website. Here you will find the MCQ exam, which you should take online (all the questions refer to the EVSO website).

      Within 60 days following your application, once all your documents have been read and accepted, you will receive all necessary information concerning payment for your EVSO-C certificate (300 €) and the annual fee (120 €). On receipt of these payments, you will become an EVSO-Cmember and will receive your certificate. Your contact details will be shown on the site on the list of certified members.

Payment for EVSO C certificate

Annual fee EVSO C