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EVSO Competency Framework

Veterinary Osteopathy is practised in many countries all over the world. In some countries, manual therapists use osteopathic techniques and claim to provide osteopathic treatment, although they might not have followed a complete course of training in Veterinary Osteopathy.

EVSO wishes to develop a systematic approach to the theory, analysis and practice of Osteopathy and veterinary manual medicine and to propose a competency framework in these fields, presented here as Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine.

This systematic approach will serve to rationalise and structure the study and practice of Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine, using standardised medical language.

Establishing this competency framework will take time.

To achieve this aim EVSO has set itself five tasks :

  • Proceed with a detailed and critical study of different osteopathic practices both veterinary and human, in order to identify from a historical point of view the various practices, evolutions and trends.

  • Provide a comprehensive general glossary of osteopathic terminology and subsequently a concise medical glossary on which soundly constructed and rigorous Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine can be based.

  • Develop scientific study of Osteopathy and manual medicine on the basis of existing research and documented clinical results and propose or implement scientific research.

  • Establish a medical taxonomy of etiology and pathogenesis in the concept of Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine. Determine its indications and contraindications.

  • Define model techniques of diagnosis and treatment in Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine.

Together these elements will constitute a reference for European veterinary instances who wish to establish systems of training, examination and accreditation appropriate for ensuring the qualified practice of osteopathic veterinary medicine.

These guiding principles will reflect what EVSO considers to be a reasonable approach to the training of veterinarians in Veterinary Osteopathy.


This competency framework will have the following objectives :

  • Help countries to establish systems of qualification and accreditation of veterinarians in Osteopathic Veterinary medicine.

  • Permit Osteopathic Veterinarians to bring their knowledge and skills up to date.

  • Allow better communication between Osteopathic Veterinarians and allopathic veterinarians and with other health professionals, students in veterinary medicine and researchers.

  • Promote appropriate training programs

  • Encourage the integration of Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine into the national

  • system of animal health.

This competency framework will not be rigid or permanent. It will be adapted regularly to integrate the most up-to-date scientific and clinical knowledge.


In 2010 the WHO published guidelines for training in Osteopathy.

In the next part of this document these principles are extended and applied to Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine. These ideas will be used as a basis of reflection for the future drawing up of guiding principles and a competency framework specific to Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine.