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  • What is EVSO ?

The European Veterinary Society for Osteopathy (EVSO) is a European Association of Veterinary Surgeons practising Osteopathy.

  • EVSO accreditation

EVSO was set up by veterinary surgeons willing to guarantee pet owners certified competency in Veterinary Osteopathy. The criteria used by EVSO to evaluate competency in Veterinary Osteopathy are based on the WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines for Human Osteopathy.

The EVSO accreditation guarantees quality training in Veterinary Osteopathy. EVSO wishes to federate CPD (Continuing Professional Development) organisations at a European level in order to offer veterinary surgeons pursuing CPDs in Osteopathy a recognised accreditation at a national and European level.

Veterinary surgeons who have completed an EVSO accredited CPD or satisfied the competency criteria detailed in the EVSO referential can obtain either a Certificate (1st level) or a Diploma (2ndlevel).

  • Clear information

The EVSO website allows access to clear and precise information. Veterinary surgeons wishing to refer an animal needing osteopathic treatment to another veterinary surgeon or a pet owner wishing to make an appointment with a veterinary surgeon whose training has been validated by EVSO have access to a list of EVSO accredited veterinary surgeons.

  • A European Dimension

EVSO is looking ahead and wishes to federate the skills of practicing veterinary surgeons and veterinary surgeons working in universities in order to develop interdisciplinary research programs. One of EVSO’s ambitions is also to promote the teaching of Osteopathy in European veterinary schools and universities.