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Introduction Day to Osthopathic Veterinary Medicine

On the occasion of its congress, the European Veterinary Society for Osteopathy / EVSO® is pleased to offer you a pre-program on Friday, October 12th, an introduction to osteopathic veterinary medicine.



What is veterinary osteopathy, what is it used for, when to use it?

Come give a new look at your practice, learn to feel a dog or a horse.


  • Presentation of the OVM : A reference of skills and knowledge

  • Discovery of palpation in OVM : Towards an osteopathic diagnosis

  • Practical application : Clinical cases Dog - Cat - Horse

What are the knowledge and skills needed to practice MVO?

What tools are available?

What is the difference between osteopathy and other manual therapies?

From concept to practice, by what path?

What diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to use?

During this day, we will answer these questions, by proposing, by practical work, a protocol of diagnosis and treatment specific to the MVO. We will illustrate this approach through clinical cases from everyday practice.

Location / Date

Animal Hospital, Zurich

Friday 12 october 2018, 13h15 - 16h

50 euros / 60 CHF