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EVSO® has defined a transition period with respect to the admission criteria for EVSO-C members. The objective is to be able to take into account the various training of practicing osteopathic veterinarians and thus give them the possibility of obtaining the EVSO® certificate. This period will also allow the development of a new standard of training in the field of osteopathic veterinary medicine.

It should be noted that in this chapter is described the procedure to become EVSO-C during the transition period that will end at the EVSO 2020 Congress. Please consult the statutes (Legal notice) for more information on this subject .

EVSO-C level description

EVSO-C members have:

  • the status of certified members.

  • the same rights as EVSO-B members.

  • the right to vote at the general meeting.

  • their name published on the EVSO® list of the website.

  • the right to use the EVSO® name and logo.

  • the obligation to pay an annual subscription of 120 €. Members must pay 300 € for obtaining the certificate.


As a first step, we encourage all veterinarians to join EVSO® as EVSO-B. Candidates will be able to present at a later date the additional documents necessary to obtain the EVSO-C certificate.


It is also possible to apply directly for EVSO-C status. In this case, registration takes place in two phases.

First phase = Documents needed

You must first gather the following documents (models below):

1. The submission form, signed and dated. Form

2. A certificate of registration to the veterinary order

3. A resume

4. Documents concerning your training in Osteopathy

  • For veterinarians working in the field of veterinary osteopathy for less than 2 years: They must provide evidence of a 500-hour course, the references of their training and its content.

  • For veterinarians working in the field of veterinary osteopathy for at least 2 years and less than 5 years: They must provide proof of 300 hours of teaching, references of their training and content.

  • For veterinarians working in the field of veterinary osteopathy for more than 5 years: They must provide references of their training and its content.

5. Attestation to treat a minimum of 20 cases per month, signed and dated. certificate

6. Written presentation of a clinical case. A protocol is available below. This protocol will give you a guideline for presenting your clinical case. Clinical cases may be published as part of the promotion of veterinary osteopathy. Protocol


All documents can be submitted directly to the email address contact@evso.eu

You will receive the necessary payment instructions regarding your certificate and your annual membership fee within 60 days of receiving your application and processing your documents. After receipt of payment you are an EVSO-C member and are listed on the website and the list of locations of certified members.


Your certificate will be handed over to you personally at the next general assembly.

Payment for EVSO C certificate

Annual fee EVSO C


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