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The different levels of EVSO® members

There are 4 levels of EVSO® members:


EVSO-A = EVSO - Honorary Members (honorAry)


EVSO-B = EVSO - Basic Members


EVSO-C = EVSO - Certified Members


EVSO-D = EVSO - Graduate Members


EVSO® members are veterinarians practicing in their country (with the exception of veterinary students who are eligible for EVSO-B status) and in good standing with their respective legislation.

EVSO-B members are veterinarians (or veterinary students) who support our association as well as Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine (VVO). They are either veterinarians who do not practice MVO, or in course of training in veterinary osteopathy, or practitioners in MVO who have not passed an EVSO® exam certifying the quality of our values ​​and the label of our association.


Levels EVSO-C and EVSO-D represent distinct qualification levels:

EVSO-C members are EVSO® certified veterinarians who have passed the exams of our association and working in the field of Veterinary Osteopathy.


Veterinarians certified EVSO-C correspond to a quality label recognized by our association. A precise listing of our members can be found on our website.

EVSO-D members are EVSO® graduate veterinarians who are EVSO-C members that meet the following criteria:

• Have at least ten years of experience in their specialty and have contributed significantly to the development of this specialty through teaching, research or practice.
• Have an advanced practice in their specialty and have demonstrated skills in teaching or practice in such a way that they devote a large part of their professional time to this specialty.
• Be the author of important publications on topics of interest to the research or practice of this specialty.