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  • What is EVSO® ?

EVSO® (European Veterinary Society for Osteopathy) is a non-profit association created by veterinarians to promote Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine (OVM) and manual veterinary medicine in Europe.

  • EVSO® accreditation

EVSO® was created at the initiative of veterinarians willing to ensure animal owners a level of competence in veterinary osteopathy in line with the requirements of the WHO (World Health Organization).

EVSO® guarantees a quality label established according to very strict selection criteria. EVSO® wishes to federate training organizations on a European scale in order to guarantee veterinarians training leading to a certification recognized by all national and European institutions.

Veterinarians who have followed a teaching curriculum meeting the EVSO® criteria in accordance with its reference system can obtain a certificate (first level) and then a diploma (second level).

  • Clear information

Through its website, EVSO® provides access to concise and clear information, accessible to veterinarians wishing to refer a case of osteopathy to a colleague or to the owners of animals anxious to apply to a veterinarian whose skills are certified by EVSO®.


Practitioners certified in veterinary osteopathy are grouped by country. Anyone can consult the listing made available, and thus apply to a practitioner in Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine (OVM) whose skills are guaranteed by EVSO®-C certification (see further).

  • A European Dimension

EVSO® wishes to federate the skills of veterinary practitioners and research professors from different universities or veterinary schools in order to develop interdisciplinary research programs. One of the stated ambitions of EVSO® is to promote the teaching of Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine (VOM) within these veterinary schools and universities.