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Happy New Year! What is expected in 2020?!

The EVSO committee is working hard behind the scenes to grow this organization into a European standard for Veterinary Osteopathy!

First of all, the University of Vienna is opening its doors for our congress that will be held 2-3 October 2020. Both horses and small animal osteopathy will be enlightened by professional speakers. Program will follow soon!

Secondly, EVSO is gathering all Veterinary Osteopathy Schools to create a Certified European Diploma! In addition, we would like to work on a Board examination in order to create EUROPEAN SPECIALISTS IN VETERINARY OSTEOPATHY!

The EVSO-C application guidelines are renewed! Submission of EVSO-C application is in 2020 a transition into a system that will be created this year which is more intensive (with obligatory sponsorship). So for all the Vetosteopaths that are working already for years as an osteopath, this year you can still obtain this title by only submitting a case report.

We got started with collecting interesting bibliography, which is posted on the Bibliography page in the member space. Full texts are not always available yet, but this is still a work to be done!

Finally, on our home page we will post all continuing education that is offered by the Veterinary Osteopathy Schools in Europe (coming soon!).

The EVSO team wishes you a great Osteopathy year and hopes to welcome a lot of new EVSO members!

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