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The EVSO 2.0 project is taking shape!

Did you know that EVSO®, a non-profit association, was created in 2012 by and for veterinarians to ensure the quality and promotion of osteopathy and manual medicine in veterinary practice? ( )

Up to now, our association (250 members) has made a name for itself by organizing for its members and friends magnificent congresses in major European universities (Berlin, Liège, Lyon, Zurich... and Vienna next!), which has created beautiful openings within the academic world and the students’ world.

On 17 October 2019, EVSO® invited the European Schools of Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine (AVETAO, AVSOP, IMAOV, ONIRIS, STILLVET, STOA, TAO) to a round table discussion in Versailles with the aim of presenting its new EVSO 2.0 project and giving a new lease of life to this dream that drives us.

The practice of Veterinary Osteopathy is a relatively recent practice. Most of us discovered it during or after our veterinary studies. Its learning has required for all of us a massive investment in energy, hours and money.

During this time, others have managed to invest our place in society with enormous means.

The EVSO 2.0 project is a project of practitioners for practitioners!

It expresses the will of all of us to come together and create a huge European network, respecting our differences, our colours and our energies.

It will give us a strong identity and the possibility to establish our legitimacy in the qualitative practice of our Art.

It will show the interest of calling only on qualified professionals authorized to care for our animals.

It will tend towards the realization of a European College of Osteopathic Manual Veterinary Medicine, an indispensable connection to the world of academia and research.

To listen, respect, to be benevolent, positive, empathic, proactive and promote solidarity are more than ever, in these somewhat troubled times, values to nurture, they will be the keys to the realization and sustainability of our project.

In order to promote communication with our colleagues, our customers, our professional bodies and the general public, EVSO® wishes to imprint our image as a brand, a label of quality.

Through subsequent mailings, we will detail the different facets of this project, which addresses :

In order to ensure the quality of teaching: the creation of a network of MVO certified schools

In order to ensure the verticality of the transmission: the implementation of a system of sponsorship/coaching between the students and certified veterinarians

In order to guarantee European equity: the organisation of examinations leading to a European certification in osteopathic veterinary medicine, EVSO-C

In order to constantly improve: the development of a continuous training system

In order to be able to understand each other: the writing of an inter-school lexicon

In order to gain recognition for our practice: a clear and targeted communication

Stay tuned in, more information will follow, enjoy your reading!

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