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The EVSO® 2.0 project includes the European MVO Schools!

Did you know that in order to guarantee the quality of veterinary training, the FVE (European Veterinary Federation) certifies Universities according to a methodology based on 10 quality standards ?

If we want to work towards the recognition and integration of Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine (OVM), it is very important to bring quality assurance to our training courses.

In the implementation of the EVSO® 2.0 project, an executive group consisting of representatives from each European OVM school has been created.

The first major topic of this working group was the development of a Certification of Veterinary Osteopathic Schools, based on a framework similar to the one proposed by the FVE !

It was important for the executive group to find a consensus where each school found its balance while being able to express its specificities, its colours and its energy.

EVSO® 2.0 will offer a network of certified schools (EVSO® Certified Schools) guaranteeing, in accordance with veterinary deontology, the quality of teaching based on the history of osteopathy and manual medicine, experience, skills and research in OVM.

EVSO® 2.0 will ensure that future European veterinarians studying in OVM will be able to train in the best conditions and to benefit from this entire network !

It will be the duty of our association of practitioners to go and present our project, the OVM and the EVSO® network of certified schools in different European Universities.

You will discover the EVSO® 2.0 project in all its details one month before our GA.

In the meantime, in subsequent mailings, we will continue to present the different facets of this project.

We look forward to seeing you all soon,

Stephanie Achcar, EVSO® President

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