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The EVSO® 2.0 Project supports MVO learners and EVSO-C candidates !

Did you know that the Companionship was inscribed in 2010 by UNESCO on the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity as "a unique means of transmitting knowledge and know-how"?

It has been registered under the title: The Companionship, a network for the transmission of knowledge and identities through the trade.

Companionship evokes mutual aid, education and transmission among all its members.

With this in mind, the EVSO® 2.0 Project Executive Group, made up of representatives from each European OMV School, has set up an EVSO® mentoring system which will be divided into two distinct phases:

  • A first sponsorship for learners from EVSO® Certified Schools.

It will ensure the verticality of the transmission, and will thus give the learners during their studies the possibility to examine, diagnose and even treat, according to their competence, together with their sponsor a minimum of 20 patients.

  • A second sponsorship for "EVSO-C Candidates" in preparation for their EVSO® Practical Skills Examination.

This second sponsorship will give "EVSO-C Candidates" the opportunity to examine, diagnose and treat, under supervision and in collaboration with their sponsor, a minimum of 40 patients.

EVSO® 2.0 guarantees the quality of training through the establishment of a network of certified schools.

EVSO® 2.0 guarantees the transmission of knowledge and skills through the implementation of a mentoring system.

EVSO® 2.0 thus gives European veterinarians the assurance of quality training, a necessary step towards the recognition and integration of osteopathic manual veterinary medicine.

EVSO® will need sponsors! Think about it !

You will discover the EVSO® 2.0 project in all its details one month before our 2020 GA.

Attached are the first two Newsletters for those who have not had the opportunity to discover them before.

We will continue to present the different facets of this project in future mailings.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon

Stéphanie Achcar, EVSO® President

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