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The EVSO 2.0 project creates a Common Lexicon!

Dear Colleagues, Friends of Osteopathic Veterinary Medicine, Did you know that an EVSO® Reflection Group within the European Schools of Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine (VOM) - Manual Veterinary Medicine (MVM) has been set up to create a common Lexicon?

This Lexicon gathers the names and terms used by each of the future EVSO®Certified Schools (ECS) within the framework of their teaching.

This group was set up following the last General Assembly of October 17th when EVSO® invited the European Schools of Veterinary Osteopathic Medicine (AVETAO, AVSOP, IMAOV, ONIRIS, STILLVET, STOA, TAO) to a round table in Versailles to present its new EVSO® 2.0 project.

This lexicon is intended to facilitate students' understanding of the different approaches to MVMV -VOM in each of the schools and thus to encourage inter-school exchanges within the future ECS network.

Encouraging inter-school exchanges is the key to the ascent of our approach in our profession.

To exchange is :

- Going to meet other approaches in a different environment, in a different context, from a different point of view, sometimes more explicit.

- Viewing an VOM-MVM from another angle

- Discover new techniques Exchanging allows to:

- Enrich your therapeutic arsenal

- Have greater adaptability in the field

- Building trust

- Evolve our practice and pull it upwards The Inter-School Inter-Student Exchange emphasizes the value of horizontal communication and the production of knowledge through interaction. Stay connected, more information will follow, enjoy reading! Stéphanie Achcar, EVSO® President

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