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EVSO C submission

Dear Members of EVSO®, Many of you have asked us about the conditions and deadline for submitting your application for EVSO-C certification under the current model prior to the implementation of the new certification modalities under EVSO® 2.0. As a reminder, the importance of European recognition and certification concerns us all: Indeed, in our profession, it is important that our trained colleagues can distinguish themselves and be recognized as competent veterinarians in the practice of osteopathic manual medicine. This recognition requires a European certification. The EVSO® certification (EVSO-C) allows the holder to assert "a quality label" recognized at the European level of his practice in this field within our profession and the public. Currently, to obtain EVSO-C certification, the candidate must meet the eligibility criteria and write one clinical case evaluated by certified examiners according to the guidelines put in place since 2019. Full details can be found at During the evaluation of your clinical case, comments will be provided and corrections will be made within approximately 3-4 months. Thus, any candidate for certification who submits his/her complete file 3 months before the General Assembly (GA) of the current year, will receive his/her certification at the GA of the current year. After this deadline, accepted candidates will receive their certification at the General Assembly of the following year. The EVSO® 2020 General Assembly will take place on 14 November and the application deadline for 2020 certification is 14 August next. New conditions for certification will be defined with the implementation of the new EVSO® project called EVSO 2.0. The presentation of this project and of the new certification modalities was initially planned for November 14 at the 2020 GA. However, due to this year's exceptional health crisis, the implementation of this project will not be effective at the 2020 GA but in 2021. We will inform you of the date as soon as it can be determined. Therefore, applications for certification submitted before this as yet undefined date, will be considered according to the current guidelines. Applications submitted after this date will be subject to the new procedures. Yours sincerely, Stephanie Achcar, EVSO® President

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