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Positive Outcome of the General Assembly!

Our General Assembly took place two weeks ago and it was a full success.

EVSO® had the pleasure to present you the huge work that has been done during this year and the pleasure to present EVSO® 2.0 project through a small video in French and English.

You will have the possibility to watch a replay of this presentation in a link we will soon forward you.

2 important News:

I, Stephanie Achcar, have represented my self for the Presidency of EVSO® until the avenue of the new project.

We have the great pleasure to welcome in our committee 4 New Members :

Dr Diane Grosjean.

Diane is Resident in veterinary sport medicine and rehabilitation and works in the

Department of veterinary medical imaging and small animal orthopaedics -

At Gent University in Belgium.

She freshly graduated in France from the DIE in Veterinary Osteopathy from ONIRIS.

(Veterinary University in Nantes)

· Dr Mathias Bombeke

Mathias is a practitioner in bovine medicine and wishes to see the approach of Manual Osteopathic in Veterinary Medicine (MOVM) developed in the rural world. He is convinced that this approach has a real benefit associated with classical medicine.

· Dr Hélène Joly

Hélène has been practicing integrative medicine for many years. She has been touched by our involvement in the recognition of MOVM in our profession and wishes to contribute to it.

· Dr Sonja Kraegeloh

Sonja follows EVSO®'s actions closely since many years and participated at each congress. She has been EVSO-C certified since 2016. She’s looking forward to represent Germany in the committee and to support actively the development of MOVM in Europe.

Welcome to Diane, Mathias, Hélène and Sonja! We are happy to continue this adventure with you!

All the best,

Stephanie Achcar, President of EVSO®

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